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Reflective Drone Skins

We have been on a mission for a while to come up with some ‘reflective’ skins – and have been investigating different vinyls for the purpose.  When we make skins, we need some quite specific properties of the vinyl – it needs to be flexible, easy to apply and easy to remove and whilst there are a lot of vinyls out there that are reflective, we found only a couple that meet the basic requirements for us.

We have tested these out over the last few days and unfortunately have found they don’t have the impact that we would like to!   Our customers tell us they want a reflective skin to increase visibility of the drone in the sun, and at night – but with the small size of the drones, and generally darker graphics, unfortunately we found that visibility just wasn’t increased enough to justify the extra cost we would need to charge! 

Whilst we will continue our hunt for different solutions, at this stage we won’t be offering a reflective skin option.

We have previously also investigated Glow in the Dark skins as well – which some refer to as reflective vinyls – but the vinyls for these are not good for making skins unfortunately either! 

So, what do we think is the best ‘visibility’ solution – we recommend a strobe light, or a couple of strobes for managing orientation of your drone.

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Welcome to Drone Accessories Australia

We started our business in 2017, after we bought a DJI Spark, and struggled to find accessories available in Australia that weren’t price effective or had any variety.

On a mission, we made some overseas contacts and ordered a small amount of stock to sell on Gumtree just to customers here in Perth.  Stock sold out quickly, and on a whim, we thought we would setup a facebook page and shopify store and just see what happened!

Here we are a year later, having gone from selling 20 products to over 150 products (and growing each week), investing in equipment to deliver what our customers have been looking for (high end printing to make decals, creating safety gear, customisations on products), whilst also selling the basic needs of drone owners – such as carry cases, filters, car chargers, batteries and so on.

We have way too many drones in our house, now with a Spark, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro Platinum and the new Mavic 2 Pro – all here to test and make sure the accessories we buy in, or make, are going to be the best for your uses!    (and maybe a little flying of them as well in the process! 🙂 )

So – now we have a new website, along with a blog.   Not too sure how this new venture will go just yet – but we will try, starting with our information on some of our products and why we see them as important for drone owners.