Icom Airband Radios

Drone Accessories Australia are proud to be working with Icom Australia  to provide our customers with the Icom range of AirBand Radios.  We are an authorised reseller in Australia and procure all of our Icom radio products from Icom Australia.

Icom Airband radios are recommended by CASA for RPAS operators, to monitor the required frequencies for other air operations that may impact on your mission.

There are many people selling AirBand Radios in Australia that are not approved for use in Australia, please ensure you purchase from a reseller purchasing from Icom Australia.    Radio products purchased from authorised Icom Australia resellers will contain the ‘CTick’ mark on each unit – meaning it is approved for use in Australia (and only products purchased from Icom Australia will have this).

Penalties may apply for using radio’s that are not approved in Australia.

Please Note:  For commercial drone pilots to legally use the air band range of frequencies in Australia you will need an Aviation Radio Operators Certificate (AROC).   This is normally part of the RePL program, however if you are not sure if you have completed this, please confirm with your training facility as required.

For any questions regarding our AirBand Radios from Icom, please reach out and have a chat to our ReOC operator, Frank, who has over 20 years experience working with Icom products!

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