The LifThor product range from Thors Drone World, now available from Drone Accessories Australia.

A bit about Thors Drone World and their products:
Not only do we have the ingenuity, but we understand it better, we have listened and we have adapted to fulfill the users and our own needs. We are proud of our products, that’s why our products are handmade in Norway, with high quality standards and sturdy highend materials. We don’t believe in cutting edges, nor sacrificing quality over price. We are not massproducing. We know every time we are packing each and every one of our products to be ship to its new owner, we are sending our best, we are sending a product we are proud of.

Special Note:   We include all LifThor products in this category.  Please ensure to check product compatibility prior to ordering.  We include the drones each product is compatible within the product description – however if you are not sure, please reach out or check in the specific drone category to confirm.  Thanks!

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