ABS Hard Carry Case for DJI Mavic Pro – Smatree D600

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Providing the ultimate protection for your DJI Mavic Pro drone

Looking for the best protection for your DJI Mavic Pro drone? Look no further than the Smatree D600 ABS Hard Carry Case.  This case has space to store all your gear. Made from high quality ABS plastics to provide protection for your drone from damage. Whether you are on the road, or storing your drone at home, the case is durable and resistant to impact.


  • Designed for all your gear – and able to carry your drone, remote control, 4 batteries (1 on the drone), chargers, cables and other accessories – including our aluminium tablet holder which folds down as pictured (check out the pics with the red tablet holder)
  • Made from high quality ABS materials to provide the ultimate protection for your drone and accessories
  • Waterproof – the case has an automatic pressure equalisation valve to release air pressure cleanly, providing protection should the case be submerged


  • Measurements – 35cm (W) x 27cm (D) x 12 cm approximately
  • Weight – 1.6kg approximately
  • Colour – Black Exterior / Black Interior
  • Internal foam pre-cut to hold:  1 x Mavic Pro Drone (with battery), 3 additional batteries, standard remote control, chargers, cables and other accessories


Compatible with the DJI Mavic Pro drones only


You have mentioned the case is waterproof?  How waterproof? 

The manufacturer suggests up to 1 metre. From our perspective it will provide protection from a brief shallow submergence should the case land in shallow waters.   It is NOT designed to provide ongoing protection or protection in deep waters (ie – if it falls off the back of a boat in deep waters!)

Our Thoughts

This case caught up by surprise when we received stock – we weren’t sure when we were ordering them if we were doing the right thing. They aren’t cheap – but we are loving the design and quality of the product and the fact it can hold EVERYTHING we need for a day out flying.    Just need to remember to charge all the batteries

So – if you want to have the ultimate protection for your DJI Mavic Pro drone, look no further than the D600 from Smatree!


Product Notes – This product contains only the case, no additional pictured items are included.




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