ARC V Drone Strobe Light – MultiColoured – Firehouse Technology

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Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate
Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate

Looking for a way to improve visibility of your drone, either during the day or night?   The Arc V Drone strobes are your perfect solution

Designed to improve visibility of your drone, during both night and daytime operations the MultiColoured Arc V Drone LED strobe lights from Firehouse Technologies has four colours in one strobe, allowing you to select the colour required for the task at hand.   With options for white, red, green and blue on each strobe – and then 4 different modes depending on your requirements.

Not sure on the best strobe for you – check out our page with a summary of all the options available – Which Strobe for me?


  • 6+ hours continuous operation with onboard battery.
  • 5 x Powerful Cree® XPE Focused Standalone LEDs in light
  • 4 Colour options within 1 strobe – White, Red, Green or Blue
  • 4 Different Sequences / Modes – Strobe, Flash, Fixed (Spotlight), Strobe/Flash
  • No Cabling required
  • Easy to use single button interface.
  • Charge Indicator Light onboard
  • MicroUSB charge cable just plug into usb port.(included)
  • 250 Mwh Battery Largest in its class
  • Comes complete with Light, charge cable, 3m VHB mount tape, Velcro
  • Instructions for use included

NOTE:   The strobe has four colours (White, Red, Green, Blue) – only one colour is selected at a time before flight – not changing colours whilst in flight.  Colour change requires clicking the button on the strobe itself.


  • Dimensions: 1.5″ x 1″ x .5″ Low Profile Design
  • Weight: 12gr
  • Current Consumption: <30mA per hour
  • Charge Port: MicroUSB
  • Charge Time: ~2 hours
  • Battery Type: 250 Mwh Battery


Because of the human eye’s limitations, Every colour has different visibility and energy transfer rate.
Also, every LED colour has different chemical compounds and efficiency.
According to our experience in years;

WHITE:   The best visibility and efficiency.
RED:        2nd in the visibility and efficiency is the same as white but the best for the warning.
GREEN:   3rd in visibility and efficiency.  Best for Standard RED/GREEN (Left/Right) navigation usage.

BLUE:      4th in the visibility and also the efficiency.  We are not suggesting this colour for warning or navigation but special usage

Compatibility – Compatible wth all current DJI Drones, however generally recommended for the larger drones with a larger area for placement.


The battery includes its own PCM module. This module protects the battery from overcharge and discharges for a long lifespan. If there is no life sign on the circuit when you press the button, probably discharge protection has activated because of low battery voltage. Just charge it to turn on.

PRODUCT NOTE – Product contains only the strobe selected, does not include other products pictured.


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