Carry Case for DJI Mavic Mini Remote Only

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Looking to store just your DJI Mavic Mini Remote Control?  

If your looking for protection just for your remote control for the DJI Mavic Mini, this compact little case can be used for a spare remote, or if you have the separate body case for your DJI Mavic Mini as well.


  • Compact case designed specifically to store your DJI Mavic Mini remote
  • The remote control can be stored WITH the thumb sticks still in place
  • Removes the need to have an additional remote control fixator as the foam is shaped to provide additional protection to the protruding thumb sticks.


  • Measurements – TBA
  • Weight – TBA
  • Colour – Grey Exterior / Grey Interior
  • Internal foam pre-cut to hold – the DJI Mavic Mini remote only


The case is designed for use with the remote control for DJI Mavic Mini, however the remote controls for DJI Spark, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Series (NOT the Smart Controller however)


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Our thoughts

We use the separate remote control case and body cases when we are travelling with smaller backpacks our other cases won’t fit into, or particularly with the Mavic Mini when we want it to fit into a handbag!

If your looking for compact storage just for the remote control to suit your DJI Mavic Mini – add this case to your cart now! 


Product Notes – this product contains only the case to suit the remote control as outlined, no other products are included.

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