Display Mount for DJI RC2 – Lifthor Freya Utility Mount

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Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate
Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate

With the precision design we always see from the team at Thors Drone World, the Lifthor Freya. designed specifically for the DJI RC2 Remote Control, has been designed to allow you to mount an external display or tablet to your remote control.

Looking to increase your display size with an external display, while using your DJI RC2 remote control?    Using the LifThor Freya Utility Mount, you can add an external display (with HDMI input) to your remote and connect via HDMI to the USB-C Port on. your remote control – OR you can connect an iOS or Android tablet (with USB-C) via a Video Capture adapter to allow you to replicate the remote display on your tablet device (NOTE: a third party video capture app will be required to do this)

Allowing you to use a bigger and / or brighter screen for flights, the LifThor Freya can allow you to attach a display either via a tripod mount (found on many external displays) or via an adjustable clamp up to the size of an 12.9″ iPad Pro

Make flying with a larger screen even easier, by using a tripod to hold the LifThor Freya (and hence the remote and display), by using the included 1/4″ screw hole to fit most tripod mounts.    There is also the option to attach a lanyard using the front lanyard hook if that is your preference.

Made from high quality CNC manufactured aluminium

Select from the below two packages

Basic – contains the mount to attach to your remote control and the phone / tablet holder

Combo – contains the mount to attach to your remote control, the phone / tablet holder, a HDMI to USB-C cable (for use with an external HDMI display) and a HDMI Capture adapter for use with a USB-C compatible tablet or mobile device.  The Combo also contains a LifThor Lanyard!

You have the option to add on a quick release mount as well, making it easy to pack away (not included)

Product Note: using a tablet with the DJI RC2 requires additional software on your tablet – these are not products we supply.   When using a tablet it is a mirror of the display on your on your remote – it does not allow you to control your drone using the tablet at any stage.

** Note – this is the utility mount only and defined accessories depending upon the version selected, the remote control and the displays are separate items.

Compatible only with the DJI RC2

Not sure which remote control you have?  Check out our ‘Which DJI Remote‘ for images and details to assist you to confirm