FeelWorld LUT11S 10.1″ 2000 NITS HDMI Display

$549.00$799.00 Inc GST

Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate
Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate

Even with a display on your DJI RC Pro, the screen can be small and hard to see – with the FeelWorld LUT11S as an external HDMI Monitor you can get a better view of whats happening!

With a 10.1″  1920×1200 full HD panel, replicate your drone display to make viewing much easier and clearer.  The wide 170º viewing angle makes it easy for multiple members of the crew to watch it at the same time.  The 2000 NIT display allows for better visibility in bright sunshine.

The LUT 11s includes an external power supply to allow for constant power – batteries are available as an option (refer notes below).   When using batteries, 2 batteries can be fitted at once to allow for maximum run time without external power.

Equipped with a standard 1/4″ Mounting thread the LUT11s can be easily mounted on a tripod, the Lifthor RC Pro Monitor mount or other mount options available.  It does include a mounting bracket in the kit for tripods.

NOTE:  Must have a remote control with an HDMI output (EG – DJI RC Pro)

Inputs and Outputs

– HDMI input x 2

– 3G-SDI input x 1

– HDMI output x 1 (to allow connection to another external display)

– 3G-SDI output x 1 (to allow connection to another external display)

– 3.5mm Audio Port

Product Notes

– This product does not come standard with batteries – please select from the drop down menu’s if you would like batteries included.  These take standard Sony F970 batteries (the batteries we offer a third party brand)

– You can also select to include a LIfthor RC Pro External Display Mount.  This is the mount ONLY – does not include the DJI RC Pro.

Note – stock will show minimal available as we have bundles created here, if more than available is required please reach out and confirm available stock


Product Note – please select the required options from the drop down menu’s.  The batteries and Lifthor RC Pro Display Mount are not included as standard.   The DJI RC Pro is not an included option.