Lanyard and Clip for DJI Remote Control RC-N1 / RC-N2

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Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate
Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate

Make flying your drone comfortably a priority, with the lanyard and clip designed for the DJI RC-N1 or RC-N2 remote controls

Designed to help take some of the pressure of the weight of the remote, as well as helping to prevent dropping the remote – our lanyard and clips help you fly your drone with comfort.    Whether you fly for short or long periods, helping to create a safer drone flying experience.


  • Adjustable lanyard, specifically designed by Drone Accessories Australia with drone users in mind.
  • Lanyard includes removable clip, to make removing the remote for storage easy without removing lanyard and clip
  • Will not interfere with your device in the holder



DJI RC-N1 or DJI RC-N2 Remote controls only

Not sure which remote you have?  Visit our FAQ for ‘Which DJI Remote?’ for more details and to confirm your remote information.