Lanyard for DJI RC / DJI RC2 Remote

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Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate
Drone Accessories Australia Know your drone safety advocate

Keep your remote secure and in easy reach while in use, using our Lanyard for the DJI RC or RC2.  Reduce the risk of dropping your remote and causing damage and relieve stress on your hands and wrists from the weight of the remote with our lanyard for the DJI RC or RC2

This includes the metal bracket to mount directly to the remote control, and clipping on the high quality lanyard provided

Key Features

  • Secure and convenient design – designed to securely hold the DJI RC or DJI RC2
  • Premium PU Leather Lanyard – durable and comfortable for extended use, it is easy to attach to your controller using the bracket provided
  • Adjustable Lanyard – and adjust the length to suit your personal needs, from 62.5cm to 80cm will suit most users
  • CNC Processed Aluminium Alloy Hooks – designed for durable and safe use
  • 3 Hook Multi Use Bracket – use as a dual hook or single hook strap according to your preference, the bracket is designed to allow access to all required ports at the front of the remote without issue.  This bracket can be left on when the remote is being stored to allow for quick and easy setup and use

Compatibility – DJI RC or DJI RC 2 remote controls only.

Product Note – this product contains the lanyard, metal multi use bracket and screws to attach the bar to the remote

Not sure which remote you have?  Visit our FAQ for ‘Which DJI Remote?’ for more details and to confirm your remote information.