Propeller Fixaters for DJI Mavic 2 Zoom / Mavic 2 Pro

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Propeller Fixaters for DJI Mavic 2 Zoom / Mavic 2 Pro

For when you are storing and transporting your drone, the propeller fixaters (or stabilisers) will help keep your propellers in place reducing the risk of damage to both the propellers and motors of your drone.

As a set of two, shaped specifically to suit the Mavic 2 series drones – one fixater is for the top of the drone, and the other for the bottom (once the propellers and ‘arms’ are folded in for storage).   Once in place, the propellers will remain relatively stable / in one place until the fixaters are loosened or removed from your drone.

The fixaters will also help prevent the arms of your drone from coming away from the drone while folded and in transit / being stored in between uses, reducing risk of further damage or early wear and tear that is not necessary.

A much needed investment in protecting your drone from propeller and motor damage!


  • the package consists of two fixaters designed specifically for the Mavic 2 series
    • one for the top propellers / one for the underneath
  • the fixaters are lightweight yet sturdy to secure the propellers in place for transit and storage
  • Colour: medium-dark grey

Our Feedback – we will always make the investment to protect our drones in any way possible, we have invested way to many dollars in them to risk having damage while they are in transit or being stored.

Product Contains – a set of two fixaters for the Mavic 2 Series only – any other products pictured are not included.

PRODUCT NOTE – Remove before flying at all times!   This product is designed for while your drone is in transit or storage only.

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