Tablet and SmartPhone Holder – Red Base

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Tablet and SmartPhone Holder – Red

With an aluminium base and stem, this tablet and smartphone holder is lightweight and easy to hold, and foldable to allow for easy storage.

Allowing for the use of devices outside of what will fit within the remote control holder, and for better ergonomics when using devices, this smartphone / tablet holder can take devices from 3.5” through to 10.5” and is fully adjustable in both display angle and positioning.

NOTE: This version does not support the Crystal Sky. If Crystal Sky support is required please contact us for more information on the alternate version.

Having the flexibility to change the angle and positioning allows the drone pilot to create the most ergonomic position for the individual – letting you focus on getting the perfect shot with more comfort! The flexibility of the positioning also allows a greater separation between your device and the thumb sticks on the remote, and also allows signal extenders to be used at the same time.

With an aluminium base and stem, this tablet holder is lightweight and easy to hold. For storage, the holder can be folded reasonably flat making it easier to fit within your drone accessories kit.

A lanyard is also included, allowing the weight of the device / remote / holder to be spread further than just your controlling hands (meaning your hands are focused on control, more than the weight bearing).

Product Details

  • Lightweight aluminium alloy
  • Can hold phones and tablets up to 10.7”
  • Fully adjustable to allow for individual preference on angle and height of device
  • Comes with lanyard
  • Easy to assemble, with required instructions included

Contains – 1 x Tablet Holder, which consists of the base, stem, and device holder.  The product also includes the lanyard, and required tools for assembly and disassembly. Other pictured items are not included

Drone / Remote Compatibility – DJI Spark Remote, DJI Mavic Air Remote, DJI Mavic Pro Remote, DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Remote, DJI Mavic 2 Pro Remote

Our Feedback – We are loving this new tablet holder!  Unlike some of the others this one folds down really small, making it more portable. The tablet holder is the sturdiest we have tested to date.  The flexibility in both the devices and the viewing angles makes it a must for anybody flying regularly!

This tablet smartphone holder can also be used with our range of sunhoods.   No need for additional holes or complicated workarounds.  Our signal extenders can also be used at the same time!

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