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Training Services

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First Flight Training – $50.00 per session

One of our passions is making sure that people who invest in drones, can then have the confidence to get out and fly the drone. We meet a lot of people who have bought there drones, but then have a fear of flying, and then don’t get to make the most of their great new purchase!

We offer new drone owners hands on training for their ‘first flight’ with their new DJI Drone. From the initial unboxing, working through the initial APP setup and configuration, the calibrations of the drone and the basic setup – and then getting into the air for the first time – we work to build the confidence of new drone owners to then go off and fly on their own.

The Agenda – but we can modify to suit each individuals requirements

  • a run through of all the items in the box (we do ask that you charge some batteries and the remote before coming)
  • Installation of the correct DJI Application on your mobile device
  • Installation of batteries and propellers to your drone, and making sure this has been done correctly
  • Turning on your drone for the first time!
  • Connecting your device, the drone and connecting to the DJI App on your device
  • Updating software and firmware for your drone to the latest versions
  • Undergoing the Compass, IMU and Gimbal calibrations before flight
  • A run through the APP and the different functions for basic operation
  • An overview of drone safety and the basic rules and regulations
  • An overview of maintaining your drone and batteries
  • Resources available to you to help make flying your drone easier and safe
  • Once we have this all done, we take you for a flight!

We normally find this training takes between 1 and 2 hours and is undertaken in Hocking, Western Australia.

We conduct this training in an area that is at times restricted due to Pearce airbase operations, and weekends or after 5pm most days is best – but contact us as we may be able to request permission for flights during other times.



All training is undertaken by a fully licensed CASA Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) holder, with several years experience in teaching people the basics of drones as well! We keep the training at a level to suit the participant!

We do note, this is in no way an official CASA training course or license – whilst we will cover off the CASA rules and regulations for operating a drone for recreational use (and will provide guidance should you wish to learn more about commercial operations), our course is designed for the first time drone owner.