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We like to think we are a little different to most.    We don’t drop ship.  We don’t backorder products.   If you can add an item to cart – we have it in stock, in Australia to ship straight away!

Which Strobe for me?

We know, there are lots of different strobe types on the website – and it can get a bit confusing! Below is a summary of each one, and where we find it best applied for our customers to help out if needed!

All the strobes we have come from FireHouse Technologies – a US company specialising in strobes, that meet FAA requirements for night flying (so basically – the good stuff!)

First up – why should you use a strobe? Besides night flying, which a lot of people will not be approved for if they are not appropriately licensed – we find they are great for increasing visibility of your drone during daylight hours and through dawn and dusk periods. The constant flashing of the bright light allows you to easily locate your drone in the sky, no matter the weather – increasing your ability to have line of sight of your drone at all times.

There are plenty of really cheap strobes out there, but they are just small LED lights that aren’t going to add any visibility for your flights. We have selected FireHouse Technologies strobes specifically, as they are focused on drone safety and meet the requirements for night flying.

All the FireHouse strobes are rechargeable (with an included cable), and have multiple strobe sequences such as strobe, flash, on constantly (in varying orders).

The range from FireHouse Technologies that we carry includes the below models:

Micro Basic

This is best suited to the smaller drones (Mini series), and is a basic strobe with high power. It is the smallest and lightest strobe we have – it does not have a hard plastic casing around it (but does have a plastic wrapping around it to prevent damage etc). Output: 800 Lumens

Colour Options: White / Red / Green (separate single lights)


Again suited to the smaller drones (Mini series) and is similar to the above Micro Basic, except that the strobe is encased in hard plastic. Output 800 Lumens

Colour Options: White / Red / Green (separate single lights)

Micro Pro

this is a brand new strobe from the team at FireHouse (more details to come!) Output 1200 Lumens

Arc V

This is the most popular choice for those with the larger drones (Air series, Mavic 3 series etc) – and is the one that FireHouse Technologies is best known for in the market over a long period of time. Larger in size, with more Cree LED’s. Output 1000 Lumens

Colour Options: White / Red / Green (separate single lights) or Multicolour (four colours in one strobe you select)

Arc Pro – coming soon 🙂

As always, we welcome questions on the products we sell – if your not sure what is best suited to your own needs, or you require any other information please reach out and let us know!